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could anyone suggest inexpensive but effective ways to promote a new web site?

i am a recently retired broker and have a subscription based financial website specializing in option trading. i would like to promote the site an am looking for ways to advertise on the web that are cost efficient or free. any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

the option profit

there are no free web advertising and if you manage to find one that site is full of adsense and paid ads that your website would look like a needle in a haystack. the only way to promote a site free is if you do it yourself. try the following:
1. submit your site to major search engines. use the webmaster tools provided by these sites for easier indexing/crawling of your web pages. submit your XML sitemap as well.
2. post your URL on social networking sites
3. use your website address as a signature on blog and forum sites
4. use your URL as a source on q&a sites like yahoo answers

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