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How else can I advertise my tiny little business?

A while ago, I started a little website to sell new-old-stock and used vacuum tubes. There is actually still a big market for them. There are many websites with millions of tubes in stock and they make tons of money. I have about 5,000 in stock. On my website, I say I will beat all competitor’s prices, but I don’t get that many customers. It’s no big deal because it’s a small amount of money to supplement my income, but I’d like to make more. I have a YouTube video advertising my site, and a Facebook page for it. I put a business card and a pencil with my web address in every box I send out. What else can I do?

You can. Focus more into startups & SME’s rather than general business. Promote your business in b2b portals and classifieds. For example promote your business in a premier multinational B2B website that brings together suppliers, buyers, Transporters, Brokers and business service providers from across the world. They have built a vast database of Suppliers, Manufacturers & service providers from over 210 countries. Also check for other b2b portal which can take your business to the next level.

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