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Do Online Travel Hosts Merely Provide a website?

I am sick of trying to weed out these online travel host services – are they merely “hosting services” for a website?

I have been considering Dugan`s Travel, and some others…the problem is, is I already know how to build a website as fast as whipping up breakfast in the morning – problem is, is that I am not sure if these are merely “hosting services” for a turn-key operation/website, that leaves to “on your own” LIKE SMcorp (Specialty Merchandise Corporation) does, or can I locate one that actually WILL enable me to sell to real customers who can call me and can advertise to via the paper, tv, etc?


“Hosts” that provide you with a turnkey site to sell to customers that will flock to your site are scams. If you have a product or service to sell, create a site, buy legitimate hosting and sell your product or service. A website is a means of advertising, not a business unto itself. If you don’t have something to sell, a website isn’t going to sell anything. And if you do you don’t need someone’s turnkey site.

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