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Do i qualify for filing Chapter 7 to get rid of all my debt?

I am 23 years old, no income, no job. had an online biz for couple months that got me $13000 thru paypal for website advertising that i gave to my mother to keep in cash.

I have 3 charge-offs, 5 collections, 5 credit cards debt, and i applied for quite a few payday loans online and locally just to pay my bills and never pay any of them back.. so i assume they are all going to collection sooner or later..(about 10 of them) i know i have to wait 90 days so they can’t say i intentionally do that then file bankruptcy.

also i have a bmw 325i that i paid down for 1500 and has not made a payment since for 2 months. i know its going to get repo-ed sooner or later. but i have another car i put in my mom’s name that’s paid for. so im fine.

i have no income as of now for a year now. (i don’t think they cann track the website payment as i never file tax on it) and im 23. will i be qualify to wipe my slate clean?

Bankruptcy no longer wipes the slate clean. About 2 years ago, they changed the law. Too many large corps were charging off debts to ‘wipe the slate clean’. You can file, but more than likely they will only make your debts more feasible for you to pay them off.

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