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I wish to feature a web link to my new website on other sites for free – any tips?

My site features local Sheffield news, events, blog, reviews and a picture gallery. However to reduce costs I need to do FREE advertising.

There is a lot of free method to advertise you website.
Below are the method that i am using now:
1) Join forum. If your website is about photography. You can search the photography society. From there, you can introduce your website to the world and leave your web link too.
2) Leave your comment in the blogger website. If you find that the topic in the blog is have connection to your website, you can write a review and also leave your web link there too.
3 ) Social networking. Nowadays, there have a lot of FREE social networking. Example: facebook, twitter and etc. You can tell your website in this Social network.
4 ) Article. Write an article about your website. Tell people what so special about is your website. How different is your website. How useful of your info in the website. Recommend you An FREE article website.

Above is the method that I am using now.
Hope It will help you.

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