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company said i have lifetime access but restricted it after one year?

hey don’t no if this is the place..
but a year ago i paid a forums website to have access to the private members section of the forum. i read the terms and conditions before i paid and it entitled me to lifetime access to the private section.
now one year after my access to the private section has been taken away and i am no longer able to view the private section. the owner said that since i paid he changed his mind and the website needs more money to run, so if i want to see the private section again i need to pay for one year membership.
is this legal? can they do this to me? would this be called false advertising? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks..

The question has nothing to do with insurance, but just ask to get your money back. If he’s already sent you an e-mail saying he’s ‘changed his ming’ then you don’t need to find the original because he obviously already admitted it. So, give him an ultimatum – either send me my money back for the lifetime membership or honor that which you purchased.

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