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Website Advertising Terminology

website advertising terminology

Pay per click advertising or PPC is a form of internet advertising that is used by search engines such as yahoo and Google etc, where a business looking to advertise pay by the click and only pay if someone clicks on their ads.

Pay per click advertising is a great way to generate traffic as well as sell services online. Since much of these pay per click adverts are targeted, and usually pop up if someone is searching using a specific term also known as a keyword, it’s easier for businesses to get exactly the traffic they want. This is one of the best ways to advertise since almost anyone on this planet uses a search engine to find what they want online. If for instance, a person is looking for a business to design his or her website, they will type in a term similar to ‘web design service’ if you have purchased this keyword, your ad will popup right on top of the organic search results, and under the heading of ‘sponsored links’ or ‘sponsored ads’.

The largest PPC providers are Yahoo!, Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter. The minimum price per click vary depending on the level of competition you face for a particular phrase of keyword, some are as low as US$.01. Terms that are popular can cost much more on search engines such as Google. However the PPC model of advertising is open to click fraud, competitors can click on your ad millions of times to drain your advertising budget. However search engines such as Google have automated systems that protect you from being charged for fraudulent clicks, by competitors.

There are two categories of Pay Per click advertising campaigns the first is called: sponsored or search match and the second is called Content match. Ads that popup on search engine’s, search results pages are termed as sponsored match. Content match campaigns will display advertisements on websites, emails and newsletters, usually relating to the products you sell. For instance if you sell cars, your ads will appear on a blog or a newsletter that is about cars or racing.

Other types of Pay per click advertising may target products or services as well as websites that perform product comparisons. However Pay Per Click programs don’t generate revenue from web traffic, or by displaying the advertisements themselves, they only make money off the clicks the ads on their websites receive.

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What happens happens if you lose a case and are ordered to pay monetary/statutory fines, but have no money.?

More info.. I am 20 years old and hired a webmaster to make a website for me. He went and took a paragraph from a competitors sales pitch for temporary illustrative purposes without my consent (the website was not completed, was not functioning, was not advertised, and did not generate any revenues, but part of the site was uploaded online) and that competitor noticed it, took screen shots of this “paragraph” even though it was common laudatory terminology used solely and exclusively for illustrative purposes. Now they trying to sue me for copyright infringement. I have no money to defend myself, and would not have money to pay any monetary/statutory fines. What would happen if say I went to court and represented my self, lost, and ordered to pay like $100k in fines, but I don’t have a job, I live at home with my parents. If I never have a job and never own anything in the future, is there anything they can take from me or put me in jail? I would like to know so I can stop worrying.

If you explain yourself and show evidence that you did not authorize it, it might be dismissed.

If it isn’t dismissed and you are ordered to pay and can’t, the plaintiff than will go back to court to request wage garnishments or some other type of lien. What that means is that when you do get a job, a certain percentage of your wages can be withheld to go to the plaintiff. If you have anything of value, that can also have a lien placed on it by court order.

Some companies will just be satisfied with the judgment and won’t go back to court to file for a ‘lien’, while others will. You should also check in your area to see if there is legal assistance for those with low or no income.

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