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What is the best software to use to create a website for a small business?

I am planning to create a website for somebody who is self-employed, and would like to know which software I should buy – preferably one that you can test before buying. The only one that I have tried is Dreamweaver and I found it quite difficult to use. Could anyone recommend a better one? Thanks.

I don’t know what kind of requirement does the website need but if he’s self-employed and what to present his products to public using web, maybe for first start you can create a blog first.
Creating a facebook page and advertise it through people and friends in facebook maybe a good idea too.

For blog, you can find some template or using available templates and add some functionality by modules.

For facebook, it’s more easier. All you need is just some pictures and clear and stand-put description of the products and the company itself.

Here is an live example on presenting your company through blogspot :

I don’t think purchasing a web development tools, such as Dreamweaver or else, will be a good start unless you know about programming.
To instantly create a good website, you will need a good web design.
And website development tool is only useful for web developer. And usually, a good web developer will only love a simple free tool that supports code highlighting, completion and debugging.

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