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I need a website that makes photo stickers,out of my own pictures?

I need a website or a place that makes photo stickers,out of my own pictures??

I want to make photo stickers,from my own personal pictures but for a cheap price? Does anyone know of a website that does this for cheap kinda like at Xmas you can take a picture & turn it into a sticker? I have seen it advertised before but I went to Walmart & Kinkos they said they don’t do it but you can get a picture turned into coasters, throw rugs ETC.
pls serious help

Here are just a few (I direct linked but sometimes they just bring you to the home page – sorry if that happens);jsessionid=33C12B4D54D480CD840EDCEA67E81703?cb=PW&guest=true&toh=&svr=web21 (they have a few different sizes)

Other photo processing sites may make stickers too, these are just 3 I gave you.

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