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How to find corporate sponsors for a weekly talk show?

I am the executive producer of a youth and young adult weekly Talk Show. This show airs on 16 stations around the country and meets some 450,000 weekly listeners. My biggest challenge has been to get corporate sponsors. I am at my end of the rope trying to find sponsors.

My show stats are outstanding:
34 countries have been downloading shows from my website.
16 states have been airing the show.
The show is cross promoted through a magazine I publish with 17,000 readers and almost 5,000 subscribers.

My frequent conversations with advertising agencies noted that since my show is a Christian Young Adult Talk show, that is the reason I am not getting sponsors.

I need help with these questions:

Are they any company who sponsor issue based talk shows?
Does having christian values marginalize a show that address Youth Issues such as Drugs, Sex, Addictions etc?
Could someone give me some guidance?


Need a good ad salesperson to work for you. An experienced one will know who to call for this. Also if your show is really good the advertisers will be calling you one day to put ads on your show.

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