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Where does Apple get off?

Why is it that Apple feels the need to make their stuff way more expensive than every other brand?

I am on the apple website, and for Apple’s in ear headphones, they are asking $79. For some of their computers, for one that is slower and has less space on their hard drive, they want like $500 more than the other brands. Is it just because of the name? It’s irritating. On black friday, they advertised these amazing sales….and they took $21 off the ipod touch 32 gb…and pretended like that was a great deal. That is less than 5% off.
ps…for the headphones, sony and philips have the same thing for like $40-$50.
I’m just saying, I recently (about 6 months ago) purchased a nice HP Special Edition for $1000 with a really good processor, 4 GB of memory, a 6 hour battery and 250 GB hard drive for half of what the macbook pro was. I mean, I guess I did install antivirus…that was an extra $20. So $1020 vs. at least $2000. I think ppl just need to do more research.

It’s the exact same thing as designer clothes, since its more expensive, its more exclusive, therefore people want it more and buy it for that high of a price.

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