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Banner Ad software that rotates ads randomly every few seconds?

I am building a small website and I want to sell banner advertising on the main page but I don’t want to have one static advertiser. I want to have multiple advertisers for that one spot, and have the software rotate the ads randomly every few seconds. I also want to track impressions and clicks. Is there any software out there that can do this?

I use OpenAds — which is a FREE open source banner ad server. It has a great list of features, and best of all it is FREE. I tried several before, including many paid vendors, but this one I like the best.

It allows you to

– set various advertisers for a single ad space
– gives your advertisers the option to login and check their real time statistics (a feature advertisers LOVE)
– allows you to set start up and expiration date, and advertisers are notified if they only have a few banner ad impressions left (it sends out a notice when advertiser only has 100 impressions left)
– allows you to set up text ads, banner ads, flash ads
– allows you to determine priority of the ads (which ads you want to show more)

It has a whole lot of features. Just take the time to read the 100+ manual, and you’d be ok. It is very easy to setup and the manual is very detailed. is the best free ad server out there, that rivals even the paid ones.

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