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Why is the Apple MacBook more expensive in the UK than the US? Why are Apple allowed to charge us more?

I have been considering purchsing the new Apple MacBook and whilst comparing prices i have noticed that the UK price is significantly higher than the price advertised on the US website.

At the current rate of exchange the US version retails at the equivalent of 587 GBP, yet it is sold in the Uk for 749 GBP. Is there anything that should account for this price hike? Is it a better computer? It has the same specifications, screen size and memory capacity. Why is Apple trying to rip us off? i don’t imagine this is the only product of theirs that is more expensive in the UK.
I don’t think the currency exchange rate explains it all. I just remebered iTunes have come under scrutiny for charging the more than in the rest of Europe to download songs.
Also pertol is heavily subsidised in the US and heavily taxed in the UK. That’s why there is such a difference in the price.

Its called currency exchange rates. I think it depends on how strong or weak the pound is compared to how strong or weak the US dollar is.

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