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I’m interested in a career in Investment Banking, where can I find more information?

I’m a college student, ready to apply for internships. I would like to have further knowledge on investment banking, is there a good website, or preferably a good book I can read? Thanks for your help!

I work for a Wall St firm, and getting a job as an investment banker is quite challenging. Suggestions:

— For more info, read the websites of key players in the field — Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc
— Most firms will only look at your resume if your GPA is 3.5 or higher. So keep your grades up.
— You need to be able to comfortably discuss the basics of financial statements and discounted cash flow analysis, so be sure to keep your mind fresh on those topics — sounds like you’ve got the right academic background.
— Getting an internship, especially between junior and senior year, is very helpful. Internships act as interviews for full time jobs, and can help you see what an i-banking role is really like. Note: many Wall St firms have really early resume drop deadlines (could be January for summertime), so be careful.
— Quality is better than quantity on your resume. Pick 1-2 interesting clubs or activities and work on a leadership position, win an award, or something to advertise on your resume. People will want to discuss something during interviews. Study abroad, sports team captain, investment club (know your performance), etc. are all good examples, but you are better off focusing your energies on 1 or 2 items only.
— Network, network, network. Your school should have a career center with an alumni contact list. Find alumni who joined i-banks and email them for advice. Knowing someone and being able to talk specifics about the lifestyle, deal accomplishments, etc can be really helpful.
— Be aware of the lifestyle. It’s daunting. You literally might work 48 hours straight. If you can handle that, proceed. If not, then research other areas of banking — there are certainly areas that have a much more reasonable lifestyle.

If you want to read a good book, try Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis. It’s not exactly i-banking, it’s more sales and trading, but it’s good color. You could also try Monkey Business by John Rolfe and Peter Troob, which may be closer to banking. Or perhaps When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein, which is a Wall St classic.

Good luck!!

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