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How does payment from companies with ads on my website work? Per click? Per banner? If so typically how much?

I am starting my own website that will only generate revenue from advertising. I am trying to work out how the process works and how much could potentially be earned. Thanks

For any advertising to be profitable you’re going to need to build traffic to your site.

Assuming you have traffic coming to the site, there are many different ad programs out there for you to choose from depending on your needs.

There is always Google Adsense. Amazon’s partner program, ebay’s ad network. But of all these, I’d recommend a company that allows you to have more control over the way ads show on your site, advertisers who show on your site, and how you get paid. The company is called Adbrite. (

With Adsense you must reach a minimum set by them before they cut you a check. With adbrite you can control what that limit is as long as you make a minimum of 5 bucks a month.

Another HUGE benifit to running something like adbrite is that you don’t have to worry about payment method, tracking statistics, placement or display cycles. Its all built in.

Hope this helps.


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