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Website Advertising Revenue Model

website advertising revenue model

If you ask an e-commerce marketing expert or media designer about what is the most difficult aspect to cope with nowadays they would probably answer that the media is heavily fragmented with too many small divisions. Through the spreading of broad band, the scope of traditional channels like TV and newspapers has been reduced. Small web shop advertisers can only get results through traditional channels if they invest a vast amount of money.

What is the solution if you have low budget? It is through niche marketing, that is to say the marketing strategy of the niche market. It means you target a well defined small new segment with your product or service. Moreover, communication on the internet is especially effective and cheap.

If there is a small but well defined segment of consumers who can be emotionally engaged with a web shop, it is a gold mine for marketing experts. As a matter of fact this is the core of niche marketing.

Find out in which niche market your business can operate most effectively, and then work out the most effective communication for it. If you look around you can see that there is an endless amount of never stopping contests and discussion on the internet. This results in a market segment of those creative fanatics who sit in front of the computer all the time. People create blogs because it entertains them and they enjoy being in the centre of attention.

The only task of e-commerce companies is to ensure there is a forum where the audience can write and let customers unfold the story of the web shop. If they do so, they would not only get free content but also life long loyal customers.

However, the first and most important step is to find the best niche market for your web shop. The needs of these customers could be perfectly satisfied by your shop. The more focused and the narrower the niche is, the more efficient communication you will be able to carry out with your customers every day since most of their characteristics are common.

The multiple and systematic communication is primary. It means you should give them as much information as is possible in any existing way. If you made your niche market choice carefully this will take less time and energy since each member of your narrow group uses the same tools, thus the same information will get to all of them more than once. Additionally, it is more likely that they will also react at the same time.

It is a principle that the more the customers feel the product is perfect for them and it is part of their daily successes, the more they will act – namely they will write comments in the blog and share their experience with the others etc. The applied communication tool could be a newsletter, blog, forum, a short forwardable video on the website, a customized e-card or anything else. The key is to have all the outgoing communication customized in order to encourage the audience to act.

How can niche marketing bring you success? When you are looking for the niche market that best suits the profile of your business, do not forget the following: look for a less saturated market that is related to your main business. Then comes the communication strategy that should aim to make the audience feel they are personally targeted. An interactive environment should be established for them by using as many tools as you can, obviously supporting the area of your business.

The idea: take advantage of the interactive environment in order to bring together customers with the same areas of interest.

The method: be creative, there are no limits!

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