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Looking for professional unique real estate marketing ideas? Also any professional guerrilla marketing ideas?

I am currently a Realtor in Southern California, and always looking for fresh new ideas that are working in other areas. Business is great, and I am always busy doing the normal marketing/advertising all successful real estate professionals do, but I figured it could not hurt to take advantage of this forum and see what other great ideas people have out there. I am also looking for good ways to market my website, especially at low cost. Any ideas and feedback on all these things would be greatly apprieciated. My website can be viewed by searching Clayton Baldwin on Yahoo, it is usually the first one that comes up, sometimes I type in, clayton baldwin real estate . Thank you in advance for any response.

-Clayton Baldwin

ok here is one : Offer to sell you customers home within a short period of time at a price that is exceptible to them. If it does not sell, Then tell them you will buy it. Make this outragous offer on your promotional material, and make sure you incude testimonies from happy customers. Seo can increase hits to your site, and increase your income. Do it yourself or hire a pro.

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