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Can anyone please advise on how i can get to grips with advertising rates, website traffic estimates etc?

I have a really good idea for a useful website and would want to sell ad space to at least pay for the site and hopefully do a bit better. I know there are cpm rates (cpc etc) but are there any “benchmark” criteria advertisers look to establish or what “traffic” estimates would i have to show them? Many thanks for any responses.

We sell advertising space on our website – both banners via CPM, sponsored text links, and newsletter advertising. We have been successful at it, and we even have waiting lists for advertisers.

In our experience, here are what advertisers are looking for when choosing sites to use for their advertising:

1. Who are the visitors = It is important for advertisers to know whether your site’s visitors are what they are after. More than just traffic numbers, they want to know whether they can get targeted traffic from your website.

2. Traffic levels = Advertisers will often ask you how many visitors/pageviews/uniques you get in a month. Some will go to to check your traffic standing (not accurate, but many see it as a good guide). If you are selling banners through CPM rates for example, they will normally ask you how long it willtake you to show the 20,000 ad impressions they ordered (or how many they ordered).

3. Your rates = how comparable your rates are with others.

4. Customer service = advertisers want QUICK support from sites they want to advertise on. You need to be quick to respond to their emails, whether inquiring for your media kit or asking your ad rates or checking the performance of their ad campaigns.

The key to understand is that advertisers will always look for metrics to help them gauge the ROI they can get from advertising in your website. If they don’t think your site will not give them a good ROI, they will not advertise or renew their advertising on your site

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