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Should I create a personal website to advertise myself to potential employers?

I am thinking that in 2008 with the internet so big, that creating a website that advertises myself to potential employers both here and abroad would be beneficial. The website would include my resume obviously and would only be work related. I.E. no pictures of me drinking or getting crazy. The resumes I hand out to potential employers would include a link to the site. What do people think of that Idea? What are the Pros and cons? Any Good examples or personal experiences?

Well, first off, the only employers that would see the sight are the ones that you give a resume to in the first place. So what’s to be gained by having the web sight with your resume, (which they already have) as probably not one in 1000 would take the time to go to the sight anyway. Most interviewers don’t even take the time to read the entire resume, and you think they are going to take the time to go to your web sight?

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