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Where can I find the top ten US advertising markets?

I’d like to generate interest in my website and would like to start focusing on the top 10 US advertising market (for expecting parents or those that are planning to have a baby). Is there a website and/or magazine that I can subscribe to or check for the top 10 US markets? Thanks!

AdAge is THE advertising magazine . They may have the information you need.

However, your business is on the Web so I don’t quite understand why you want to focus on 10 GEOGRAPHICAL locations – when you can reach your target market with minimal geographical market focus. Your target market on the Web can be found in parenting forums, expectant mother boards, online magazines for expectant parents – there’s a lot of those sites. I think you will gain BETTER mileage with your advertising dollars to focus on where your market goes on the Web, rather than where they live geographically.

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