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Do pixels determine quality of photo? What determines the quality of a photo?

If you know any photography websites let me know.

the simple answer is yes… bigger is better… but not all file formats are equal… RAW files are uncompressed data, unlike jpegs… and they lead to people settling for the lower quality to reduce file sizes, which compromises the quality of the image…

i shoot on an E510, the image is incredible… it’ll fil a 50 inch TV no problem… because the resolution of the TV is pathetic by comparison HDTV is 1080 x720 ish… im shooting at 3800 x2600 ish… but, that screen resolution, isnt print resolution… i can print upto A3 with ease… by teh time it gets to A2, ill require some serious photoshopping to resolve the edges… BUT… in reality prints of this size were neve rmeant to be viewed from 4 feet away… if you stand back… its all sharp… billboard advertising is around 300dpi… as any image is enlarged, the quality degrades.. which is why the great photographers still use, and have always used full plate 10 x8 inch negatives…

bigger is better… but small is ok, provided you know what to do with it…

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