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What is the best way to get the word out about a website promotion?

I own an auction website but it has very few members an absolutely no auctions running. There are people looking at it but nobody is signing up because there aren’t any listings. And nobody is posting auctions because there are very few members. So I decided to do a promotion where if your auction(s) don’t make a profit, you get your listing fees back. What is the best way to get the word out about the promotion?

There are a variety of steps to take when promoting websites.
I’ll list them, its up to you to look them up and figure out how to accomplish each step.

On page SEO (search engine optimization)
-This includes a strong inter-linking structure, relevant content, etc

Off-site SEO (also known as link building)
-Includes getting links from other RELEVANT sites, containing the appropriate anchor text (In your case you would want to use “Auction(s)” “Car Auctions” “Boat Auctions” or whatever your general niche is.

Directory submission
-Submitting you site to a list of relevant web directories

Other advertising avenues-
Such as: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Adcenter

This should give you a good start to boosting the amount of traffic and interested parties visiting your site.

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