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Despite the many media available for marketing in this age including direct mail, television, radio, Internet, and newspapers, magazine ads are quite effective as a marketing tool. This effectiveness was gauged by subjects’ ability to recall ads. The authors of this article state that, in the creative aspect, five main factors affect the effectiveness of marketing through magazines.

The ad must be: “appealing…attention-getting…communicate(s) the main message… believable… persuasive.” Of the two metrics discovered, in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) area, researchers concluded that magazine readers’ ability to recall an ad was based on ad quality. This was best demonstrated in the apparel category. Ads of this type were considered visually arresting. However, the most influential factor in the readers’ assessment of ad quality for CPG was that which “encompasses communication/believability/ persuasiveness.” Hence, magazine marketing must first attempt to be convincing and believable before trying to catch and hold a reader’s attention.

Another area where magazine marketing is greatly effective is in the category of pharmaceuticals products. However, magazine ads are most effective for this area because the reader involvement is a key driver where pharma products are concerned. For pharmaceutical product ads to be most effective, it was found that the likeability of the magazine is most important. Also, subjects’ having a home subscription to the magazine was shown to be unimportant, as many readers who were drawn to pharmaceutical ads noted purchasing their magazines at newsstands and often reading magazines while away from home.

Therefore, these findings showed that magazines carrying pharma ads should look to appeal to broader audiences in whose hand the magazine may fall rather than just a set subscription base. Finally, to be most effective, magazine ad campaigns should consider their choices of magazine genres and their audiences as they relate to categories of products. As well, magazine marketing should focus less on the conventional metrics that were once thought important, such as: ad placement and strategic positioning, frequency of readership, subscriber versus secondary reader base, and the publication’s length. Magazine marketing should consider newer metrics, two of which are those mentioned above – ad quality and reader engagement.

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What metrics are available to estimate the value of monetizing eyeballs on a website?

I’m working on a business plan for a website with 170,000 unique users per month (355,000 sessions) with an average session length of 9 minutes. The site is in the healthcare field. I’d like to estimate potential revenue from advertising sales either directly or via AdSense.

Wow, that’s a fantastic opportunity!!!

I’ve looked around extensivly for some of my own sites that only draws a fraction of traffic you will be getting hit with.
The only public metrics I’ve seen have been from Search Engine results that show % visibility via eyeball tracking:

What you’re specifically looking for isn’t publiclly available. Even if something similar was available, every website is unique. You may need to contact the advertising publisher directly to see if they can give you any specifics.

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