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Website Advertising Method

website advertising method

Website Advertising Can Earn you a Steady Income Stream

For most small-sized businesses, getting noticed online is probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks they face. However, website advertising can take away a lot of the anxiety and help to establish a steady source of revenue.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one form of web advertising which has been in existence for a very long time. The concept is simple. You basically hire affiliate marketers who will refer and advertise your products for you. This way, your website gets more traffic and the marketer also gets paid for every sale made through his referral. So is this a hyped web advertising tool or is there really some revenue potential in it? Most online businesses have been able to realize good savings and sales conversions through affiliate marketing. Also as a business owner you only need to pay the affiliate marketer once a sale is made. So it guarantees you more value for money.

PPC marketing

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is another age-old web advertising tool which has generated loads of revenue for almost every online business. While it may cost a little extra to get things up and running, the end result is worth it. Basically you need to place your ads in popular search engines. You also need to add well-researched keywords into your ads – so that when users search for relevant information – your ad pops up in the results. This form of web advertising has generated lot of traffic volume for many businesses. Some search engines provide tailored results to such an extent that most of the time your ads prove useful to users. This is one reason why sales conversions climb upward after implementing a PPC campaign.

Banner advertising

These rather in-your-face and flashy ads are great to promote your business. They grab the attention of users, coax them to visit your site and even entice them to purchase something off your site! As a web advertising tool banner ads are simply great. One of the best things about banner ads is their total visual appeal. Being flashy and interactive is their plus point – which is why they never fail to get attention!


If you thought blogs were mundane pieces of text that served as an online version of a personal diary – think again! Right from small startups to the Fortune 500 – almost everyone has used this amazing web advertising tool to their advantage. Blogs have been used to pre-sell products, create excitement and advertise services too! Companies have realized so much revenue from this unassuming tool that they are making the most of it. The best thing about this web advertising method is that is doesn’t require any fee – it’s completely free! This makes it a great resource for marketing purposes.

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