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What careers could I have that involve hands-on history?

I’m an absoolute history buff, especially British history. Love it! I want a career with history, but I don’t know what to do. I’ve looked at some of the websites that give lists of possible careers, and they all say “teacher, lawyer, advertising consultant, marketing research specialist….” I don’t want any of those jobs, I want a career where I actually have to use my knowledge of history in everyday work and am using it hands-on. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks in advance.

You could be a curator perhaps. Or if you have any scientific knowledge or qualifications you could look into archaeology. Perhaps you might enjoy something along the educational lines such as working in a museum thinking of ways to teach history within in the museum? I don’t know what they would be called but they definitely have to know their history. Or you could go into research, become a professor or doctor of history… there’s tons you could do! 🙂

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