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How do I report a kids website advertising links to adult videos?

I just checked out what my daughter was playing online its called “Bratz babyz fishtank” and the website is called seems quite harmless, but then noticed some adverts on the site had pictures of scantilly clad females with links to play videos of these females cavorting around in inappropriate positions. I was horrified to see this on a kids website. Where can I report this site to?

While that in itself is not illegal, the potential trademark infringement is.

Here’s the number for the Bratz product line, per their website. Good luck.


DO NOT call 911, as the poster below me has advised. That is an emergency number. If you’re intent on contacting the police, please find your local non-emergency number (available in any phonebook or through a quick Google search) and contact the police through that. Do not dial 911.

Sorry, I usually don’t edit my answers, but the other person’s advice was so horrifically irresponsible that I had to.

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