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How do you advertise a database company online?

I am the US contact for a small database business based in India. The company has a website and I’d like to help with marketing the company but I don’t really know who to contact in regards to that. I’ve done a TINY bit of online advertising, but I want to learn more. I was told to send letters to CEOs of small businesses, but I don’t even know the names of any small businesses to get started. So, any tips would be VERY helpful!! Thank you!

Even though it is not a small business, it is more of just another website that has alot of traffic flow. If you go to areas of heavy public use like myspace or any of those. Go to the very bottom of any of the websites front page. You will see a part that says most likely “contact us”. Then you simply type a business question or any question and they will give you the information you need. I suggest going through actual heavy places that arent soley business areas. Like here on yahoo, myspace, geocities, and other places. Just put up many things, they even have some myspace business profiles to promote business. That should stimulate alot of customer growth as far as I can see.

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