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Website Advertising Income Average

website advertising income average

How To Make An Income From A Paid To Promote Website

A paid to promote website is a fantastic website to make you hundreds of dollars every month! In this article I will teach you how to start a paid to promote website, but will abbreviate it as ‘PTP.’ Starting a PTP website is very easy and can take you as little as two months to start seeing a few hundred dollars each month, just follow the simple steps I have outlined below!

Step 1: Get a domain!

This is simple! Go to your favorite domain registrar ( for example), register a domain name, try to find a short .com or .net or even a .org it really doesn’t matter what domain extension you use. A tip for the first time buyer: try to find an open domain with one or more of these keywords, cash, paid, promote, traffic, hits, visitors, unique, or money. If you choose a domain with a few of these keywords, search engine optimization will be easier for that keyword!

Step 2: Get a script!

A PTP website is not terribly common, this is one of the reasons why it is very easy to start, high demand with low supply! I suggest getting a script from, click on the hyperlink and that will take you directly to the website to purchase the PTP website script! For only $29.99 you can be on your way to a healthy income!

Step 3: Website Hosting!

There are tens of thousands of website hosting companies out there in the world, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Well, that will be an entire article on its own, but for now, I suggest using will provide you will extremely reliable cPanel hosting; this is some of the best around in my opinion. I know that they make you pay for a year’s hosting upfront, but this will ensure that you get a year’s hosting without ANY interruption, and trust me, that is key.

Step 4: Install Your Script!

Follow the instructions you get in the script download, or can install your script for $10! However, if you would like I can install this type of script for only $5, the only request I have is that you put a link on your site back to this article! Please email me at for an installation request! Please also note that the default payout will be $0.60 CPM (Cost Per 1000 Visitors), this is very high, and in order for you to get the biggest “bang for your buck” I suggest lowering the credit to about 0.05 per visitor instead of 1 credit per visitor, this will allow you to still say $0.60 CPM, but allow you to only have to payout for about $0.03 CPM! A great profit margin!

Step 5: Set Prices!

Traffic should be cheap! So I suggest charging only about $0.l0 for about 1000 visitors, but start the first package at 10,000 visitors for around $1! Next package for around 30,000 visitors for $0.08 CPM so around $2.40! And another package for 100,000 visitors for $0.05 CPM for $5! These prices will drive advertisers wild and they will be buying like crazy!!!

Step 6: Promote Promote Promote!

When I started out, I had no idea where the best places to get affiliates would be. Notice that I said “affiliates,” not “advertisers.” You need to build up traffic, before you build up an advertising base. Here is the best method I have found, and it is incredibly easy! Purchase banner ads on ONE website For $30 you can get 10 banner ads and each banner ad will average 75,000 impressions with about 150 clicks, my research has shown that about 5% of those clicks will convert to affiliates!

Quick Problem: You don’t have a logo/banner to promote!!!! Not problems, go to, sign up, and create a FREE ad banner! They look great, and best of all: it’s FREE! Quick tips on how to make a successful banner:

1. Promote the ‘good feeling,’ and what I mean by that is make customers think that if they sign up with your service, they will be satisfied! For example: “ – The Highest Payouts With The Cheapest Ads!”

2. Choose a flashy design that grabs your attention, but don’t choose one that flashes different bright, neon colors, those are just plain annoying and will drive customers away if not done properly.

3. Make sure the ad banner is 468×60, otherwise it won’t be accepted by

Step 7: Make Money $$!

This is my favorite step, and sometimes the hardest. In order to get advertisers you must let advertisers know. This is the hardest step for ANY entrepreneur, if you don’t know where to find advertisers; they won’t know where to find you. My choice advertising medium, to find advertisers was webmaster forums. These are always the greatest source of free information on the web, I guarantee it. The next best place is free classified ads, while not the most effective; it will provide you with great back links and a few sales too! So where can you find these classified ads, or a list of webmaster forums? I just gave you the links! Click on “classified ads” to be transferred to Digital Point, my favorite webmaster forum and a post to a large list of classified ads; then click on “webmaster forums” to be transferred to the same forum, but a thread on webmaster forums!

Few quick tips: When promoting your PTP website traffic service, make sure you promote the “good Feeling,” like for the ad banner, and make sure you stay 100% honest, but twist the words around to make your service sound like it’s the BEST in the WHOLE WORLD!

Next Money Making Step: Adding ad banners! With the script you bought and installed, login to your admin panel (make sure it’s password protected with a .htaccess file, from there go to the ‘page designer’ tab, and place advertisements all over this area! This is where most of your traffic will go through, and this allows for large amounts of income through advertisements! Here are some ad programs that I approve of:

1. Tribal Fusion – A+

2. CPMonly – A

3. WidgetBucks – C

4. Adbrite – D

5. Canep Media – B

6. Adversal – A

7. AdToll – B


9. Bidvertiser – C

10. Adsense – A+

11. Yahoo Publisher Network – B

12. CPALead – A+

If you want a link to any of these programs, look them up on Google, or email me for a link:

Done! This is one of my most favorite types of websites, it’s easy to start, easy to operate and run, easy to expand, and easy to sell! Just follow my steps and you can be on your way to a healthier internet income. If you have any questions, please email me using one of the above links, or you can comment below!

Thank you very much! And I hope you read some of my other articles on various types of websites!

Sincerely Your,

Internet Income Teacher

-Galen Schneider

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How can I advertise my e-commerce business in Iran?

I have started my e-commerce business this week and plan to target average or high-income customers in Iran.
The business is an automated ebay shopping service. If someone in Iran need to buy something from eBay or any other online shop, they can use this website.
The problem is that Google ads and Yahoo ads do not work for Iran and banner advertisement on popular persian websites is kind of blind and low efficient.


I seriously doubt that the government wants anyone doing any type of business with anyone from Iran.

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