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how do I find and get employment from the U.S. to another country (Kuwait)?

I’m from the U.S. and would like to get a job in the middle east preferably in Kuwait. I know it all depends what industry I’m in but who do I contact regarding this matter? Should I look for an international employment agency of sort? I know that other countries work differently in the employing process. It’s not like in the U.S. where jobs are advertised online and in print. I’ve googled things about Kuwait and didn’t find much on jobs, even on the Kuwaiti Times website, didn’t see anything regarding jobs. Who would know more about on who’s hiring overseas?

I’m U.S. citizen of Filipino/Kuwaiti nationality. Born in the Philippines, never been to Kuwait but do speak with my father in Kuwait. I don’t know Arabic but can learn it. I speak English and English is like a 2nd language in Kuwait. I’m not sure my father would know on who’s hiring since most Kuwaitis live an easy privileged life.

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I also wana be in Kuwait because i like Middle East Side .. Rather then Pacific Africa

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