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Free Website Advertising Using Article Marketing and Article Ghostwriters

Article marketing can get you free website advertising, or you can use article ghostwriters to write your articles for you. Either works, and ghostwriters are simply providing you with the raw material to use in your article marketing campaigns.

The benefits of article marketing are hard for those that have never used it as an advertising technique to believe, yet they are several-fold. In fact, it is just about the only active advertising I carry out, yet many of my web pages are in the top page in Google – some holding the #1 spot. So why is it that this technique is so effective?

Before discussing that it must be stressed that your articles have to be well written, or otherwise people will not continue to read them. It’s all very well having a compelling title, but if the body of your article is badly constructed with poor grammar then you aren’t doing yourself any favors, and people will neither continue to read nor trust your abilities to solve their problem. That is where an article ghostwriter can help those for whom English is not their first language, or who find it difficult to properly phrase a sentence.

That said, we can now discuss the benefits that article marketing provides and how free advertising is among them. In order to be effective, articles must be submitted to ezines and article directories for publication. Most of these directories are free, and even the paid ones charge only a dollar or two for each article. The directories generally allow you a section, normally at the end of the article, where you can advertise and provide one or more URLs to your web pages.

This is referred to as the ‘Author’s Resource’, and is not the same as your ‘bio’, which is where you say something about yourself and your credentials. Where only one of these two is offered, you can use it either as a biography or as advertising space: I always choose the latter. That is where you persuade your readers to click on your links and get access to your website. The link must take them to page that relates to the article they have just read – that is crucial if you want to retain their interest.

Here are four ways in which your article can then provide free website advertising.

1. Google Listings

If properly optimized for the targeted keyword, your article can be indexed and listed on Google and other search engines. I have many articles listed on Page #1 of search engines, and each of these is highly valuable free advertising for my relevant web page. Since the link provided in the resource will normally be to a page deep within your site, such advertising is very valuable since your inside pages are not normally listed.

2. Backlinks from Directories

You get a link back to a page on your site from each article published on each directory. Thus, four articles each published on 20 directories provide you with 80 back-links. These links are critical in enabling your web page to receive a high search engine listing, which in turn gives you free website advertising. They also help improve your Google PageRank, used by Google as part of its listing algorithm.

3. Backlinks from Other Websites

Other readers can and do copy your article for use as content on their own website as long as they also retain the resource with your links. Many do so for websites such as Adsense sites where giving you free advertising doesn’t concern them. You get back-links from each of these.

4. Exposure to Readers

Although many deny the fact, users of article directories definitely read the articles they publish. My ‘views’ prove that many times over, and I can get over 1,000 views for each article in a very short time – sometimes within a week, sometimes longer. Each of these is also free advertising, and that is without the views they will get when published on other people’s websites!

The benefit of article ghostwriters in all of this is that for a small sum of money you can get all of these benefits for an article that has been professionally written, and promotes you as an authority on your niche. This is very important to you, and could make the difference between success and failure.

Not only does article marketing provide you with free website advertising, but article ghostwriters can make sure that your article is accepted for publication and is read, and that the reader is likely to click on your links and visit your website. All are extremely valuable, and often critical to your online success.

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question for you. I have a website with google is it against policy about advertising the ads on the website?

I would double check their terms of service, but I would say yes. I would say that is considered prompting, which is strictly prohibited by Google. There is nothing wrong with advertising your site on sites like Adwido or Google Adwords, but advertising the ads on your sites is very questionable and I personally wouldn’t risk it.

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