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how to stitch two pictures together to create a wide angle?

i heard that instead of spending a great amount of money, i could take two pictures. and stitch them together to make one, wide angle photo. are there any free programs i can download for a mac laptop? and also, an even bigger problem is that whenever i get a free trial download, the picture always ends up having words advertising across it. does anyone know what i can do?

There are many free photo editing programs and websites. Adobe has a free web based program. You can also try Gimp. It is also a free web based program. I have not used either of them but a lot of people talk about them.
If you are willing to spend a little money Photoshop Elements is a great program which will do everything you want and more. Cost is $100

Now as far as merging two pictures together to make a panorama or wider angle shot you need to do it properly for it to work right.

Set your camera up on a tripod. This is crucial because you need the horizon to be even. Then start at the left side of your subject. Take your picture then pan the camera to the right and overlap your last shot. You can do this several times if you want. When your done you add the photos and merge them with whatever software your using.

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