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Which, if any website advertising programs allow explicit content?

I have a website that contains violent cartoons as well as music containing profanity among other taboos, while my site is not pornographic or harmful in nature, it seems I can’t utilize adsense or any other revenue generating website advertising programs as every program I found has a strict rule about websites of an explicit nature. Aside from the obvious hypocritical bias between the advertisers rules and publisher rules that most of these companies support (for example: porno advertisements allowed on a family friendly site -a common issue on other forums); it seems like common sense that explicit ads should have an explicit site to go to and it seems insane to think that at least one advertising program doesn’t want to allow or profit from the expression of free speech. I have searched high and low through forums and engines for a resolution to this issue with no success. So, if anyone knows where i can find such ad companies or other alternatives -PLEASE HELP!!!!! Thanks!

These ones might help.

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