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How to unzip TAR.GZ files in Cpanel Windows XP SP2 Please help?

My Website is bucked-up in TAR.GZ format files in my websites cPanel.Because my hostting provider is not providing full support(as promised ) to my site I had to move to another host provider.How I can unzip,unpuck or move my files to the other host provider and uzip or unpack them?I transfered t hem in TAR.GZ format Please help and reply, but for dummy’s ,because I dont know anything about that. Thank you

Additional Details
I transfered my bucked-up files to the new host providers control panel,but I don’t know how and what I have to do to have my website running.I’m trying for 2 days and Ican’t do it.Is there anyone to do it for me ?I can pay small fee if I have to ,because I don’t make any money on my website-it’s free to advertise on it. I downloaded so many Zip or other files to unpack or unzip this files and get my website ready and running again,but I can’t.Help please!I don’t know anything.Thank you

Hi there,

If you have the tar.gz files in your cPanel already have you tried just clicking on them (may require double click)? I know cPanel will unzip regular zip files in that fashion.

If that doesn’t or hasn’t worked for you, go get this free program:

Extract Now will unzip tar.gz extentions. You would need to do this on your computer that you have your files saved to obviously & not in cPanel. You simply drag your tar.gz package into Extract Now, click Extract and it will unzip them and put them in the same folder the gz is located in now unless you specify otherwise. Very easy and nice program.

Then just upload/FTP your unzipped files to your new hosting account in:

File Manager >> public_html

If you need an FTP program, Filezilla is a very good one and also free.

You can download it here:

Yell if you need more help. You can contact me at wenchie(at)charter(dot)net if you need assistance.

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