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What would be the best way to advertise a small home improvent/construction business?

Best way to bring in more clients for a small business. Tried yellow papers which didn’t work. Not into the whole flyers thing. So any suggestions or personal experience?

I have tried several forms of advertising & had the most success with the internet. The yellow pages & other newspaper advertising hasnt been worth the investment in my experience. Create an inexpensive website & then pay for your business to be listed directly with google & yahoo. Do not let someone else sell you this service, as they will only rip you off. I have also had pretty good success with a referral company called There are many other online referrals, but this has been the only one I have found to be reliable. The way it works is that you pay a fee for the contact info of a homeowner who is looking for a remodel. You can setup a spending limit & specify what your specialty is, so I only list for remodels in order to filter out the smaller jobs. You will need to get in touch with the homeowner, setup an appointment & provide an estimate right away since it is almost always going to be competitive. You will also find yourself paying for a lot of bad leads, which can be frustrating, but when you land a good job it will make up for the costs. My success rate has been about one in ten, so you are playing a numbers game, but it kept me in business when I was struggling. I know one in ten sounds bad, but the cost of each lead is about seventy dollars. If you spend seven hundred dollars, you have the opportunity to give your business contact info to ten people & land a job worth between ten to fifty thousand dollars. A good investment in my opinion.

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