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Headache website publishing?

Thanks for replies re Geocities. Don’t really think that’s what I’m looking for.

To summarise.
Have created 7 page web site in Publisher. (Went on course and am really pleased with it – only trouble is the course didn’t tell you how to ‘launch’ it).

Have bought a domain name

Have bought idiot-proof guide to publishing my web site

The author didn’t have me in mind!

I have saved my pages as web pages and put in a folder ready for blast-off.

Now my book tells me to contact my ISP, (BT, who I know provide enought free server space for hosting our site)requesting the necessary info to upload the web pages to a web server.

Now here’s where the real idiot shines through..
my ISP is BT but HOW do I contact them to ask this question. Do I phone them? Do I send them a little note? If so, how. I can’t find anywhere to do this – just FAQ’s etc.

That would be a start.

Oh and also, I don’t want someone’s advertising on my website.

non gobbledeegook replies please

It is easiest to publish your site if your host has FrontPage extensions installed on your site.

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