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What is the best way to earn money through advertising on my web site?

I run a website which gets several million hits per month. It was recently feautured on 60 minuts, and is often in the media, so we have a high volume of visitors. I currently use google adsense, which picks what ads show up, and most often, thery’re no very related to what people would visit the site for. That being siad, google is only earning me about $10 a day, when I’m told I could be making hundreds or even thousands give the amount of trafic. How to I go about putting ads on my site that I choose, and maximize how much money I can get?

I took a look at your website and I can understand why Google Adsense is not working for you. The types of visitors you attract is not in the mood to buy anything, they are not using your site as a mere jump-off point — your site is THE destination. Hence, the visitors are not interested in clicking on your ads. Sites like yours do poorly with Adsense. You may want to read the article “Contextual Advertising: Why Are You Earning Only Pennies?” which I think perfectly captures your predicament.

A CPM campaign would work better for you given the type of website you have and the traffic you get. I suggest you read the article “How to Generate Advertising Revenues for Your Web Site” – you can join banner ad networks and select the campaigns offered for CPM (though some does not allow you to select the campaigns). Here are some of the banner ad networks:

Tribal Fusion

Also read the article “What to Look for When Joining an Ad Network” for tips on what to consider when joining an advertising network

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