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Website Advertising Costs Australia

website advertising costs australia

Without advertising none of us who are in internet marketing get anywhere, and when you first start out it can be a bit daunting wondering how you are going to get your message across without spending more dollars than you can really afford. But there are plenty of places which are either free or low cost, and this article gives the reader an idea of where to start.

If you are starting your online business with a limited budget – and lets face it, that’s probably how the majority of us do start – you will need to optimise your advertising dollars. There are several ways you can get your name out there without it costing you anything. Bear in mind that you will need a website, but even this does not have to cost you anything, for example

Free Classifieds.

There are many, many sites to choose from: to name a few to get you started are Craigslist, USfreeads, Adland & Worldfreeads. You need to check out the sites and choose 3 or 4 which you like the look of, sign up and away you go. They all give very clear instructions, so even if you are new to this you should have no problem. You will have to do LOTS to get results, say 10 a day, and keep a spreadsheet so as to know when the ad runs out. They all give you the opportunity to upgrade the ads to give you more traffic, but this only normally costs between $8 – $20, and depending on your budget I would suggest you pick 2 or 3 as a test run.

Social Networking Sites

Again, there are heaps to choose from – Twitter, Squidoo, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube to name but a few. They all differ in the way the networking actually works, but the general idea is to build contacts, initially on a social basis but who could possibly turn into prospects and team members. To start with just choose one or two of the sites, say Twitter and Facebook which can be nicely linked up (in addition to your website) as you need to be fairly diligent in adding new content regularly, and while you are learning it can get a bit overwhelming. So slowly slowly catchee monkey as they say!

Articles and Press Releases

Depending on what you are like at writing, articles and press releases are both a great way to maximise your presence on the web, and start building your personal brand. There are some great free article sites, such as the one you are on right now, and most have plenty of article writing lessons to help put you on the right track. You need to be writing 5-10 articles a week to make an impression and start seeing traffic being funnelled to your website.

Press Releases need to be written in the third person, and also need to be topical, but the search engines love them, so its worth doing one or two every week. Normally there is a charge for putting these on the sites, and this can vary, so be sure to check before you spend your time and energy on a particular site. With both articles and press releases you can’t put your website link actually in the body of the article, but there is a ‘resource box’ which is where this sort of information goes

This article has only just skimmed the surface of advertising, but as it is the first thing you have to do when starting an internet business, I felt an article which introduces the new entrepreneur to the subject was needed. I will be going into more depth in future articles.

Janet is a recently retired ‘Baby Boomer’, who needed to boost her pension income. She now works as an internet marketer, helping others to learn how to use the internet to work for themselves and virtually write their own paycheck. Interested to learn more? Then go to her website or blog

In Australia, regarding breaking of a rental lease?

We currently are renting and have realised we may be able to afford to buy. so we want to take advantage of the govt grant. ends 30th june 09.

Also we just signed the lease for another 12 months ends feb 10. we didn’t realise we may be able to buy a house.

well i’m wanting to know can we break lease on grounds of property being in poor condition and owner not fixing things that are dangerous to us the tenants? Is the only way to break the lease and lose our bond?

We have been onto the RTA website(renting laws) and can’t find anything about breaking the lease, other then that the real estate has an obligation to try to get someone else into the place asap.

we have to give sufficient notice and may be liable for advertising costs.

Any Australians that know the rules of getting out (breaking a lease early) in queensland?
This is actually in the australian site, i always enter the australian site.!

In QLD you are liable for all rent costs until the end of your lease or until you find someone to take over your lease. The real Estate will generally help you to do this if you have a good relationship with them.

If you want to break the lease under the grounds that the Landlord doesn’t fix anything then you must lodge a Notice to remedy breach with to the real Estate first. They then have 7 days to fix the problems you have stated are a breach if they do not fix them in that time then you can contact the RTA and confirm that your lease has now become Null and void and move out with 2 weeks notice.

If you have any other Questions there is a Great Website for Australian Renters called “Australian renters Forum” you could get some great Help there.

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