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Whats the best website for lease to own property in Chicago?

Im running accross these bogus websites for lease to own property/homes/condos in chicago. Which are legit and do this process really work? How do I know if this person isnt taking my money and just pocketing it? At the end of the term will they jack up the price. I would like to lease to own my first home, please help.

The reason you are running into those bogus websites is because 99% of the rent to own opportunities are a scam. Thus the 1% that aren’t scams are not advertised on websites as they are private sellers. A true rent to own contract would have everything spelled out in the contract, and the contract would be a combination of a sales contract and a lease (rather than the addition of one clause) and the contract would have to be notarized.

Save yourself from getting scammed and do what everyone else does. Save your money for a a down payment and get a loan. That way you only have to pay 3.5-5% of the value instead of 100% to get title to the property and you can deduct the interest on your taxes

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