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what classes would I be taking with the Penn Foster Career in interior design?

I haven’t finished my classes yet for Penn Foster High, but when I’m finished I’m planning on going on to their career college, and either I’ll be going in to interior design or Floral design (which in my old high school I was in Horticulture, floral, and landscape). So what classes, and what would I be learning, so maybe I could get a head start.


Here is an overview of what you’ll learn and the order in which you’ll receive your lessons:

Instruction Set 1

Learning Strategies
The advantages of learning at home, types of study materials, types of examinations, accessing and using the features of our website, determining what kind of learner you are, establishing a study schedule, using study tips, preparing for and taking examinations.

Decorating Today
The history of interior decorating; meeting and interviewing clients; characteristics of a successful interior decorator; employment opportunities.

Instruction Set 2

Meeting Your Client’s Needs
Determining your client’s needs, preferences, goals, and budget priorities; developing a decorating plan, including measurements and room graphs to scale.

The Elements and Principles of Design
Identifying the elements of design: line, form, color and value, texture, pattern, light, and space. The principles of design: balance, proportion, and scale; emphasis and unity.

Instruction Set 3

The Principles of Color
The properties of color; how to use color in interior decorating; planning a color scheme; using the color wheel.

Identifying Furniture Styles and Periods
Exploring different furniture styles – Traditional, Provincial, Contemporary, Modern – from the 17th to the 20th century; identifying styles and integrating each into your rooms.

Decorating with Furniture
Arranging rooms according to function and use; creating the best traffic patterns; positioning furniture on a floor plan; recognizing quality workmanship and construction in furniture.

Learning Aids:
• Furniture Template
• Triangle
• T-Square
• Color Wheel

Instruction Set 4

Importance of floors in room decor; carpeting; rugs; wood floors; durable floors; how to select the appropriate floor treatment; measuring, scaling, and using a floor plan.

How to treat walls in decorating; wall coverings, including wallpaper, paint, mirrors, paneling, and tile; drawing scaled elevations.

Different types of windows; planning and choosing window treatments – curtains, draperies, shades, and blinds; window treatments for special situations; measuring for window treatments; drawing windows on elevations.

Decorating from Building Plans
Identifying decorating problems when reading blueprints; types of housing plans; evaluating house plan layouts; discussing specific decorating problems and solutions, room by room.

Instruction Set 5

Using natural and synthetic fabrics: silk, wool, cotton, linen, special fibers; identifying weaves; selecting the right fabric texture.

Lighting and Accessories
The three types of lighting; lighting and the color scheme; making use of lamps and lighting fixtures in decorating; using wall and table accessories; tips for arranging accessory groupings.

Special Purpose Rooms
Planning home offices, home fitness centers, and home theaters; selecting furniture based on anthropometric and ergonomic principles; coordinating floors, walls, upholstery, equipment, and lighting for these three types of special purpose rooms.

Instruction Set 6

The Skills and Methods of Selling
Qualifying a client; how to “approach” a customer; how to present merchandise; developing a follow-up system; how to prospect for clients.

Starting Your Own Business
Residential and contract decorating; developing a design program; working with clients, subcontractors, tradespeople, custom fabricators, and suppliers; advertising, charging clients, and getting paid; keeping financial records.

Instruction Set 7

Graded Project: Decorating a Living Room

Final Examination

Supplements: (Available online)
• Work Experience Option
• Work Experience Option Forms

Upon Graduation You’ll Receive:
Paid six-month Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.) professional membership upon successful completion of certification exam.

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