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Would you recommend asking local businesses can I design them a website?

I’m 14 and into designing websites, and im quite confident at it, and I was thinking in the summer, while I have no school whether I should ask local businesses can I design them a website to try and build up a portfolio and then start charging people when they look at my portfolio and realize what I can do? I am very mature for a 14 year old, and you don’t need to say you need to look professional and everything, because I have already got myself 2 website contracts and got paid for them. I was just wondering whether you thought asking local businesses whether I could design them a website. Thanks for your help.

Sure, why not??!!! Just don’t tell them that you are 14. If you have good designs, who cares how old you are??!! Most young people are way better at coding and graphics than older people are! But such a young age is a psychological barrier for some people – so just advertise online and don’t meet people in person. Your good designs will speak for themselves and you won’t have to say too much about who you are.
Set up a Web design home page with some samples of your work – then send the link to local businesses – look in Yellow pages etc. E-mail or fax those who don’t have a web address – those that do – look at their website and offer to make it better – offer a free demo home page or something like that that and see if they respond or not. Some small companies have VERY OLD, outdated websites!!!!!!!!!!! So offering something modern and updated is very attractive! Good luck! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!! ☺☺☺

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