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Website Advertising Business Model

website advertising business model

I was wondering if anyone knows of a legit website for mothers to work from home?

All of the websites I’ve seen are scams. I have a one year old son and it kills me to be away from him all day!

Hey hows it going?

First of all there are two types of businesses you can do from home:

1. Traditional Network Marketing businesses such as Amway which I’m sure everyones heard of.. but if you don’t know feel free to ask me about this
2. Online Affiliate Programs

It really depends on what you want & your experiences.. In my opinion a home based online business is the way to go because the online marketing industry alone is currently worth $320 billion a year & its projected to grow to $500 billion by the end of 2010. Now I’ve recently just become an affiliate of a new Web App for major search engines such as Google & Yahoo etc, which focuses on giving away this free web app or promoting its license & in return you can make an income in 2 ways. In my first 24 hours of becoming an Affiliate I earned US$150. Its not everyday you can give away something for free & still make money money out of it…..In General this Web App is modeled after one of the most successful companies in history, Google’s product is search, which it does very well, capturing 74% of the search market. However, Google’s penetration in the shopping market is much smaller. So with Google & all the other major search engines, this Web App focuses in the area of saving time and money for the online shopper. Google is free to the user and makes its money through pay-per-click advertising … well so does this Web App.

How does this work? Whenever you look to buy something online using any major search engine like Google or Yahoo, the Web App appears; and just like magic, it cuts through the clutter to find you the best deals on virtually anything you’re looking for.

Why is the Web App so important? The Internet has the appearance of offering unlimited choices, but nothing is further from the truth. The major search engines charge online retailers’ or sellers’ fees to appear near the top of their search results. This means that much of what you see when searching for something you need is not necessarily the best deal for you but, rather, what benefits the major search engine. This Web App is different because it puts you, the customer, first by enabling you to better manage your search results so that you can find a better buy.

Secondly, you can also make money online because when someone uses the free Web App that you gave them and buys something from one of the hundreds of top online retailers, these companies then share their Affiliate commissions with you; and you make money.

This Web App is available to give the consumer unlimited choices in the marketplace. The Web App breaks the limitations of shopping at one store or the confines of an online buying club. The Web App breaks the limitations created by the major search engines controlling what we see in our search results, thus giving us more choices.

Now before you can get into this sort of business you really do need to understand how the inernet makes $320 billion a yr just through online advertising.

So If you’re seriosuly wanting to get into a home based business feel free to contact me anytime on

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