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Who would be interested in a free New Testament (E-Book) in Parallel Sahidic and Greek?


Sahidic is a Coptic dialect. Coptic was the final form of the Egyptian language. The e-book has an extensive introduction and a Sahidic to English lexicon. It requires MS Windows.

If you are really interested let me know and I’ll send you the link. Note that no advertising or cost is involved and all email addresses are treated as confidential.

For general info on the Sahidic New Testament, see the website here:

Yes. I thought about that. I just wanted it to be available to everyone. I am open on suggestions on wording so people know that there really are no strings attached.

Like I could read that! Silly me, I studied Latin instead. LOL! I may check it out though, I need a new hobby, why not learn Coptic and Koine Greek??

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