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Website Advertising Benefits

website advertising benefits

Google AdSense really opened the door for all website owners to monetize their website with very little knowledge about how to do it before hand. AdSense revolutionized the pay per click advertising world by offering a network for publishers to sign up for and receive cash in exchange for allowing pay per click advertising on their websites. Today there are hundreds of similar pay per click ad networks today that offer the same service.

However, one problem with the traditional method of website advertising is that most people are so used to the constant marketing online these days that they’ve trained their eyes not to even notice all the ads. The few times people may actually notice the PPC ads on a website are usually when those ads are overly risque or conveying a message you may not want on your website. This can hurt your business and certainly won’t bring in any cash from the PPC ads on your website.

The newest solution to placing ads on your website is In Text PPC ads. In Text pay per click ads place the advertisements right within the text of your website. They’re linked to your website’s keywords, and they appear as a double-underlined word or phrase in your articles. In Text pads are much quieter than the PPC banner ads of old, and people only see the ads if they click on the link. When your website visitor brings her mouse over the double-underlined phrase, she sees a little bubble that shows a bit more information about the advertiser. This is a great way for PPC advertisers to deliver a message that will compel your website visitors to click on their ads.

In Text PPC ads let your website content shine and leave the advertising to fall on those who actually want to see it.

Infolinks offers a more intelligent contextual advertising model for publishers all across the world. The latest technology available through Infolinks will get you the best ad matches for your keywords every time.

Shane Kay is a professional online media planner, who specializes in Pay Per Click advertising strategy. Shane works as a consultant to leading online publishers in the fields of website monetization, PPC campaign managements, landing page optimization, etc’.

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