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Website Advertising Basics

website advertising basics

PPC Advertising – Technology

Pay per click advertising is a form of online advertising that allows you to earn some extra revenue through your website.  You basically get paid every time someone clicks on one of the PPC ads that appear on your site.  The pay per click ads show up as soon as you sign up for a pay per click network.

Thanks to advancements in technology, there’s a new way to utilize pay per click advertising on your website.  In Text ads are innovative and smart advertising for the 21st century.  In Text ads are much quieter than noisy banner ads because they don’t involve the placement of any images on your website.  You never have to worry about any questionable images showing up on your website in the form of a pay per click ad.  In Text ads are also entirely contextual, which means the links won’t seem out of place to your website visitors.  You can even change the way your In Text ads look by adjusting the underlining, font, and color of the links as they appear in your article.

In Text pay per click ads look more like a link than an advertisement, and they get more clicks on average than traditional PPC ads because of this new look.  You can tell the difference between an actual link and an In Text ad because the ad has two lines under it instead of one.  There’s also a bubble that opens to show part of the PPC ad whenever a mouse cursor passes over it.  That bubble gives the reader just enough information about the advertiser so he can decide if he wants to click on it.

Visitors to most websites usually respond well to In Text ads because they appreciate having more control over their online experience.  Instead of forcing a banner ad down their throat, In Text ads rely on the permission of the reader.  If she doesn’t like what’s in the bubble that pops up over the In Text PPC ad, then she doesn’t have to click on it and view the ad.

You should research several PPC networks before you decide which one will work best for your website.  Infolinks is one of many pay per click advertising networks that provide In Text PPC ads to websites of all sizes.  Not all pay per click networks offer the option of In Text advertising, so you may want to sign up for one of each kind of pay per click network to maximize your online revenue.

Infolinks is an In Text advertising network that offers a smarter contextual advertising model for publishers worldwide.  Infolinks uses the latest technology to increase your website revenue.


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