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Where can i find info on the haunted hospital in Atlanta Ga?

I know that its advertised on radio but i can’t find any websites or info on it. I know that there’s a prize if you make it all the way through.

Maybe the one you are referring to is the Georgia Retardation Center or Brooks Run located in Dunwoody, an Atlanta suburb. Possibly it could be Milledgeville Sanatorium or Hospital located slightly south of Atlanta in Milledgeville Ga. It has been used as a tuberuloucus hospital and a VA hospital, but has been abandoned for years now. Also, it would not surprise me if it was Grady Hospital. It is a high patient charity center. St. Joseph’s has/had the best burn center in the state. St. Joe at one time took many last stage cancer patients also. Many not ready to go may have lingered behind. Both of these were Atlanta proper.

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