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How can I promote a great website by using a magazine?

Do I have to ask the website’s owner for permission? If I have the permission then how can I design an ad to promote the website in the magazine? Is there any special way? Any additional help and tips are appreciated.

I am assuming you are not the publisher of the magazine…so my suggestion is to write an article on a topic associated with the website, and mention the website address in the article. You can then sell (or offer for free) the article to magazines that are focused on the same type of market. Magazines get their money from ads, so they need relevant content to fill the magazine. Contact the magazine publishers to find out how to submit your article for consideration. This will promote the website using a magazine without having to pay for an ad. Your article needs to be interesting to readers and not appear to be geared to advertise the site. The article should be written as your point of view as a user of the website, and your personal interest in the topics associated with this site.

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