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Website Advertising And Making Money

website advertising and making money

Why Most Websites Don’t Make Money

The honest truth is that most websites don’t make money. A scary amount of business owners spend thousands on their website only to have it make them no money back. No one visits, no one calls… and more importantly no one buys.

How do we improve that? This is all about two huge mistakes that most websites are guilty of.

Missing A Conversion Process

Many website owners worry so much about traffic they forget the other important part of the formula. Your website is desperately in need of a process that converts all those hungry visitors into buyers. Most website owners fail to spend any time designing this process.

You’re in for a shock if your plan is to have people just show up and throw money at you. In most cases you’re going to have to sell your products and services to the visitor. Don’t like selling? Just accept the fact that you need to do it.

What’s great about the web (while also limiting us) is no face-to-face selling. This allows us to put away our fears of rejection so we can just go out and try to sell stuff. If you don’t manage to get the sale at least your feelings won’t be hurt.

Having a clear process is the key to improving your website conversion rate.

Lacking A Web Marketing Strategy

This brings us to an even bigger problem with most websites… no strategy. Website conversion is one part of the strategy that’s lacking and the second is generating traffic. Even if your website can sell the pants off all your competitors it doesn’t do anything without visitors.

You need a clear website traffic generation strategy. These might include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, video marketing and social media. But you need to focus your efforts with a strategy.

Another mistake (that I’ve made too) is not choosing one clear strategy and trying to do everything at once. This results in none of your strategies getting any traffic and you end up with disappointed. The way to win is choosing a few key web marketing strategies and then applying them for at least a few months.

When the first strategies start to get result then you can go and add more. But don’t discard what got you to that point. By focusing on the basics you’ll go far.

About the Author

Craig Dewe is the Web Marketing Outlaw. Instead of promising you the moon when it comes to making money online he opts for a proven approach for getting sales from your website.

He specializes in improving your website conversion rate and developing web marketing strategies for real businesses online.

You can find out more on the Web Marketing Outlaw website.

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