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How Much People Earn from Website Advertising

The amount of money that can be earned from website advertising is a complex question that relies on each website’s niche, how much traffic the website gets, and which advertising network the publisher chooses.

The first thing that really goes into how much someone makes through a particular website is that site’s niche.  The website’s niche is directly related to how much traffic it gets.  Niches that are highly sought-after will get a lot of traffic, while niches that people don’t care about will get less.  Traffic can also be influenced by the usage of keywords.

Keywords are the phrases people type into a search engine to find information on a specific topic.  Keywords must be phrases the majority of people type when seeking the information that can be found on the website in question.  Keywords must also be repeated many times on the website, or the search engine won’t find the website.  Try to shoot for about a two to five percent keyword density.  This means that two to five percent of the words on your website should be a specific keyword phrases.  Aim for a two to five percent keyword density on each of your keywords.

Another important factor in how much money a website earns is which network you choose to put ads on your website.  Different advertising networks use different equations to match the ads on your website with your content.   Better matches mean more clicks and thus, more revenue from that website.  Various advertising networks also use different methods of advertising.  Website advertising networks that utilize traditional advertising methods use banner ads and images on websites.  This type of website advertising doesn’t get as many clicks for its ads because people are more likely to tune them out.

However, an In Text advertising network usually draws more clicks on its ads because they’re placed right in the website content instead off to the side.  In Text ads also look more like links than actual ads, so people aren’t as likely to tune them out.

Infolinks is an In Text advertising network that offers a smarter contextual advertising model for publishers worldwide.  The Infolinks algorithm objective is to yield the highest eCPM possible, thus ensuring the highest revenue, guaranteed.


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