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How do i find an apartment in london? Does anyone know any good websites, etc to check out??

i am moving to london in january 2008. i am looking for a 1 bedroom apt. Any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you

Sites like or are good because they have a range of places available and allow you to compare across different areas of London. As other people have said also check out loot and gumtree although these tend to be private individuals advertising – they are good however for flatshare ads etc

It might be easier to go to an estate agent as you are more likely to be sure that everything is done properly and you will have better protection in the case of disputes etc. You shouldnt have to pay too large a fee – generally its only for credit checks and the assured shorthold tenancy agreement which shouldnt be more than £100 or so in total. You will probably need six weeks’ rent as a deposit and the first month’s rent to pay up front.

it may be worth reading the Shelter guide at if you are concerned about anything

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