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Paying your estate agent.?

We have had our house on the market now, nearly 1 year. So as well as our EA we have decided to try and sell our property ourselves now, we are placing all these free ads on sites etc and set up a website for our house for sale.

This is a hypothetical question, but here goes,
If for the sake of argument we manage to sell our home ourselves, through ads we have placed ourselves or through our website, not through any form of advertising on the part of our EA, do we still have to pay our fees to them. They would not of sold our house, but we ourselves.

They do have a SOLE AGENCY AGREEMENT with us, but just wondering.

This made us think

Any advice,thanks.
If for the sake of argument we wanted to cancel our agreement with them,end the contract, do we still have to pay some form of fee to them.

A former estate agent tells me that a sole agency agreement means you can’t go to any other agents, but unless you’ve signed a “sole seller” agreement, you can sell it yourself without having to pay them.

Hope this helps.

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